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The Perks of Being a KW The Woodlands Agent

, The Perks of Being a KW The Woodlands Agent, KW Woodlands

At KW The Woodlands, we are preparing the ideal environment in which agents of all skill and knowledge levels can thrive. For those interested in competitive advantages, training, financial benefits, and more, this is the place for you. Whatever you are looking for, we have something for everyone.

  • Our commission splits were designed from the ground up to be more competitive than others in the industry. Our profit sharing is geared to let you build your wealth without limits. At most companies, when the work stops, so does the paycheck. With the understanding that agents can’t be in production forever, the profit share system was created as a financial tool to allow KW associates to build inheritable wealth through passive income.
  • Keller Williams agents have access to health insurance options through our KW Wellness Program, which gives agents the opportunity to receive better rates. Additional coverages for an accident, life, and car insurance are also available because Keller Williams views our agents as a family and we want to encourage them to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle without having to worry.
  • Providing the best training in the industry is the key to the real estate industry in the future. Our agents are provided with the very best technology, as well as the training to use it effectively. We give each and every agent access to time tested, valuable industry experience that is not found elsewhere. This coveted knowledge comes straight from the surrounding agents, and upper-level management. Our agents have access to a network backed by the power of the largest real estate family in North America.
  • The flexibility of setting your own hours is a big draw to entering the real estate field. At Keller Williams, we outline a time-management model for you to successfully run your business within normal work-week hours. Agents who follow this model find they have more personal time while still accomplishing their career goals.
  • Keller Williams agents have an interdependent relationship with the company, allowing them the flexibility to work independently while having the support they need from a team with mutual interests in success.

If you’re ready to take that jump, now is the time! Learn more about becoming a KW agent HERE.