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Keller Williams The Woodlands & Magnolia can help you find the perfect neighborhood.

What advice would agents at Keller Williams The Woodlands & Magnolia give to people who are trying to sell their house and attract buyers?

In the current market, potential buyers are very choosy because of the current price point in the area’s housing market, which is higher than usual. The first piece of advice that KW agents can tell you if you are a seller is to upgrade certain aspects of your property that will be interesting to potential buyers. People have specific things that they are looking for in a home such as granite countertops or new carpeting.

With so many new homes and neighborhoods developing in and around The Woodlands, what can KW tell buyers who are interested in these new developments rather than older homes?

The new home inventory in this area is quite limited as The Woodlands approaches its build-out. The majority of newer homes and developing neighborhoods are mostly going to be upper-end, higher-priced homes. For buyers looking for something outside of the higher-end price point, Creekside Village offers new homes that are not priced as high as other new homes in The Woodlands. Additionally, neighboring Magnolia and Tomball have new communities springing up in close proximity to The Woodlands. Many of these developments including Woodforest and Woodtrace have similar amenities to The Woodlands, but without the high prices.

Why is there so much growth in The Woodlands and what is the driving force attracting new families to this area?

The Woodlands is quite a transitory area due to the oil and gas and medical industries. More and more families are moving here due to the relocation of ExxonMobil’s campus, just south of The Woodlands. With the expanding job market in highly competitive fields comes more people looking for opportunities.

The area is also home to numerous oil and gas companies including Anadarko and Chevron Phillips and its medical community has been rapidly expanding with the addition of new facilities such as Methodist Hospital and Texas Children’s Hospital to accommodate anticipated growth.

Whatever your price point is or your housing need may be, if you are thinking of moving to The Woodlands & Magnolia, the team at Keller Williams The Woodlands & Magnolia is ready to help you find the home you want in the neighborhood you love.