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Tie a room together with this simple trick

living room

Did you recently move into a home with wood floors or if you have replaced your carpet with either tile or wood flooring, you already know that an area rug can warm and soften those hard surface areas. What you may not have known is that choosing the right rug for a particular room or space involves several factors.

It’s important to remember that a rug is like artwork for the floor and can tie a room together. Key considerations when purchasing a rug include color, design, size, material, texture and traffic flow.

It doesn’t matter if your furniture and other decorative pieces are old or new. Decorators recommend that when your furniture features bold patterns, incorporate a more neutral-colored rug. And, if your furniture is more neutral, then it can be fun to choose a more heavily patterned or colored area rug.

Also, it’s very important to make sure to size your rug properly. A good rule of thumb is if you are putting an area rug in a room, there should be at lease six to 12 inches of exposed flooring around. If your furniture is set around a wall, your rug should be at least large enough so that the front legs of the chair or sofa are comfortably on the rug. If your furniture is centered in the middle of the room, the rug should be large enough so that all chairs and sofa legs fit comfortably on the rug.

In a dining room, the majority of dining tables require an area rug that is at least 8 x 10 feet in size. However, if you add two feet on all sides of the table, this should give you the “ideal” size of the rug. Remember, when all of the dining chairs are pulled out from the table, all four legs should remain on the rug.

In your bedroom, an area rug should be placed under the bed, two to three feet off the wall so that the rug protrudes from the foot of the bed and on both sides. Runners, which are typically cheaper, are also a great option to use at the foot of the bed or on both sides.

One of the most important things to remember when purchasing a rug is that decorating ideas have changed dramatically over the years. No longer does everything have to match perfectly; have fun with color and texture to update any room in a snap.