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Update your home in just one football halftime


Okay, the holidays are over and it’s time to spruce up the home. No matter what time of year, it seems that there’s never enough time to accomplish everything on the “to-do” list such as fixing a leaky faucet, raking leaves or pressure washing the driveway. Add to that mix football playoffs, and all of a sudden homeowners have to choose between the routine (and mundane) maintenance or watching the countdown to the Super Bowl.

Paint touch ups. Always keep extra paint on hand for those chips and banged-up walls and baseboards. You can purchase paint samples at most paint stores to keep on hand for spot painting or if you have leftover paint, store in baby food jars. Use your kids’ extra paintbrushes to do the job.
Change out switch plates. Get rid of those plastic switch plates for ones that accent or match your décor. Or, if you’re creative, update your switch plates yourself with either decorative paper or shelf liners with adhesive backing or paint with craft paint. You can also switch out outlet covers if you want, but they should really blend in with your wall.
Declutter. It is amazing how putting aside 15 minutes of your time each day to declutter can make a room look like new. Pick a new spot to organize – once a week, go through your refrigerator and get rid of week-old food or expired bottles from your fridge door and then wipe down, sort through old magazines and toss dated publications and store others in decorative baskets and keep school papers and other supplies in baskets with lids or colorful folders. Without a proper filing system, important notices and mail can easily get lost. An excellent way to decrease the amount of paper in your home is to sign up for online bill pay and email statements. For any papers you don’t find file-worthy, create a “shred and recycle” stack.
Change out your drawer hardware. A quick and inexpensive upgrade to your kitchen and bathroom are decorative pulls and knobs. It’s amazing where you can find new knobs – from Home improvement stores carry a large array of inexpensive pulls and knobs that can give your cabinets some punch! Before you make the switch, be sure to measure your drawer pulls so you don’t have to drill new holes.