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Upping Your Golf Game

, Upping Your Golf Game, KW Woodlands

Spring time and the weather is beautiful! Have you had a chance to get in a few rounds of golf lately? With so many options in The Woodlands and Magnolia, pick a day to hit the links with some pals and follow these tips to bring your “A game.”

Enjoy a good breakfast before you head over to the clubhouse, or grab one there. The Woodforest Grille at Woodforest Golf Club in Montgomery has an excellent spread beginning at 8am weekdays and 7am weekends. In fact, they won the “Best of The Woodlands” award in 2017. Fueling up before a long day is a best practice for any event, so add it to your pre-game plan.

Next, you’ll want to warm up before you tee off. Give yourself about 30 minutes or so at the putting green and driving range. Start out with some short putts, some chips, and, if available, a few bunker shots. Do this for half your warm up time, then head over to the driving range to practice your swing. Throw in a few easy squats, lunges and shoulder stretches to get your blood flowing and loosen up your body. Your swing isn’t as good when you’re tight.

At the first tee, take a few deep breaths and then a couple practice swings before lining up the ball. Most of us feel a little adrenaline rush at the start of any game, so calming your nerves will also improve your first swing. Try to slow your swing down, as you’ll naturally twist faster because of the excitement of teeing off.

Grab a snack at the turn to keep your energy up. Golf is a long game and the Texas sun is hot, so stay hydrated, too. If you’re drinking alcohol, be sure to alternate that beer with a sports drink or bottle of water or two.

Keep a positive attitude no matter what the score. Not only will dwelling on your missed shots contribute to more of them, it will also bring others in your foursome down. A great way to keep your golf buddies coming back for more rounds with you is to relax and have fun.

Post-game lunch or dinner is a great way to unwind and relive the fun moments on the course. Walden on Lake Conroe’s Café on the Green has a great selection and extended weekend hours. The Woodlands Country Club has two dining room options – Legends and Mitchell’s 74 Bar and Grill.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a great season on the golf course!