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What you Didn’t Know About Repainting Furniture

, What you Didn’t Know About Repainting Furniture, KW Woodlands

Ready to give new life to an antique table? Want a new look for that bookcase? Or how about a pop of color for that end table? Painting furniture can be a fun and easy way to change up an old piece and bring some color excitement to your room. But, there are a few tricks you should know about before you dive in head first. Read on!


Trick 1 – Get the right type of paint. Not all paints are created equal! When it comes to walls, good latex paint will do the job. Not so for furniture. Depending on the look you’re going for, consider a paint with a “chalky” finish. This finish looks rustic and dries to a matte look. If you’re going for shiny, try a satin finish. Rust-Oleum and Ronseal make high-quality products in both finishes.


Trick 2 – Sand it down. You can probably get away with painting walls without sanding them, but when it comes to furniture, unless the surface is already silky-smooth, take the time to sand. The paint will adhere so much better and your finished product with look classy and professional!


Trick 3 – Use a primer, even with high-quality paint. If you’re painting over an existing color or if the wood is very dark (mahogany for example), the primer will prevent the old color from bleeding through. It will also help cover any stains that you couldn’t get out.


Trick 4 – Yes, you can use a roller! Gasp! Find good quality, lint-free roller that has a nap of a quarter inch or less. The shorter the nap, the smoother the finish. Caution – don’t get a foam roller, you won’t have a good result.


Trick 5 – Disassemble the furniture. It might seem like you can do the job without taking the furniture apart, but disassembling it not only makes it easier (you can put the pieces up on a table! You don’t have to lie on your back to get the undersides!) it also gives it a cleaner finished look. No globs in the creases or missed spots on the back.