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What’s Terrazzo and Why is it Coming Back?

, What’s Terrazzo and Why is it Coming Back?, KW Woodlands

Ever heard of terrazzo flooring? A popular 1970s choice for public buildings (remember your old high school?) terrazzo is a combination of concrete mixed with chips of marble and polished to a shine. It is durable, visually appealing, and easy to maintain.

As the saying goes, what’s old becomes new again if you wait long enough, and here we are experiencing a resurgence of terrazzo – this time around homeowners are putting it in their kitchens, and not just on the floor. Terrazzo also functions very well as a countertop or backsplash material. 

The versatility of terrazzo from a design standpoint is endless. You can get terrazzo in almost any color so it will match your existing décor or will become a starting point for paint and fabric color choices. This product can now be made with not just marble chips, but also quartz, granite, glass or other stones so you can customize your look. Terrazzo delights with its perfect imperfections, as no terrazzo is exactly the same. 

To get a terrazzo floor, you used to have to pour cement, sprinkle the stone chips, smooth, let dry, grind, polish and a few more very complicated steps. Today’s terrazzo floors can be installed by using tiles, but should still be done by the professionals. Grout lines will be sealed and the floor will appear seamless and flat. 

To maintain your terrazzo floors, you just need to sweep and mop occasionally. Terrazzo has been used for centuries and can be found in ancient Europe and Egypt. The modern type of terrazzo flooring came to the United States around the turn of the century and many of these floors still look outstanding today. One of the most popular uses of terrazzo is the Hollywood Walk of Fame where celebrities get their own star in the sidewalk.

Are you ready to try it in your home? If so, get creative and be prepared to be the trendsetter on the block!