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Your Backyard Oasis


The backyard is a place where people spend time relaxing, playing, and enjoying their hard-earned downtime. Kids love the backyard because it is usually a safe, enclosed area where they can run and play freely. Adults love it because it can be their sanctuary, an oasis of beautiful foliage and a comfortable place to sit. But wait, does this describe your backyard? If not, here are some ideas to make it your own oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Patterned foliage is the trend for 2018, confirmed by a 533% increase in “pins” of patterned plants on Pinterest. Lucky for you, there are a plethora of options of these plants that thrive in the Texas heat. Agave plants are a heat and drought-tolerant landscape staple in our area and almost all have patterns. The canna “Bengal Tiger” lily has beautifully striped leaves and makes a fabulous orange flower. This plant can also grow in water, so if you have a pond or water feature in your backyard, consider adding this beauty to it.

Potted plants add interest to your patio or deck. Placing them on raised surfaces will add height to your backyard décor. If you have a landscaping wall this is a great place to put some, especially using vines or plants with “overflowing” branches. Of course, your typical plant stand will also do the trick, as will pedestal pots.

Birdhouses can be a decorative way to encourage nature to help your backyard become an oasis. Songbirds provide auditory and visual ambiance and as an added bonus, they eat the pests that bother you and your plants.

Cushioned furniture is popular now, and having patterns here is also on-trend. Outdoor furniture complete with throw pillows will make a cozy place to rest and enjoy your evenings. Choose cushion colors that compliment your floral colors, or stick with light and dark green. Outdoor rugs can also bring in more color and patterns to your patio space.

By sprucing up your backyard now you will be ready and able to enjoy the temperate spring season and the cooler early summer evenings just around the corner.