NOW is the Time For Command

The Command App is a revolutionary tool, making a breakthrough in the real estate industry for both agents and consumers. Otherwise known as your real estate platform! Agents, it’s time to establish your spot on Command, go hereto login, claim your agent site, and get started.

Once you are set up and have familiarized yourself with the functionality, invite everyone to download your app! The heart of the app is all about connectivity. Share this exciting video to help spread the word and directly invite users to download. 

Your consumers want real estate information when they want it, immediately. The Command App allows for more custom searches than any other search app. Anything that your consumer looks up will be plugged into our database, notifying you, and saving their search. 

Brainstorm your plan on how to share, invite, and connect your clients with your app. Hosting an open house this weekend? Set up time as they enter or before they leave to help them download it! Bring it into your conversation as a way to engage with your clients about new listings as they come up. Spread the word, this is going to make a world of a difference for you and your clients!