Virtual Open Houses

While we are working from home and practicing social distancing, the house-showing must go on! In order to do so safely, our agents are offering virtual open house tours, and we’re loving it. Social media tools have been extremely helpful throughout this time, especially for sharing listings to a wide audience of house hunters who have their eyes online right now.

Do you have a listing that you’d like to show but don’t know how to make the most out of it? Here’s what we’re doing! If you have additional tips, comment below to share your ideas! 

  1. Schedule your open house time and date, just as you normally would, and then translate that into scheduling a Facebook event.
  2. Market your open house similar to your normal marketing, but this time you are sharing the Facebook event or URL. Invite friends and clients to the event! Encourage your friends to share the event for additional visibility.
  3. Post your open house by starting a live video in your event! 

Tips for your Virtual Tour:

  1. When marketing your event, make it extremely user friendly. Share the link to your event anytime you post about it.
  2. If you scheduled your event for 1 o’clock, start your video at 1:00 PM on the dot!
  3. Use a gimbal or tripod if you have one to minimize shaking and camera movement.
  4. Take your time, show the details that you know your buyers will love. 

AFTER your virtual open house tour is complete, download your live video and promote it! This might be the most exciting part of hosting virtual tours. Your viewers are able to re-visit your open house by watching the video again! 

Let’s keep pushing forward and making the most out of this time! At the end of the day, we are still helping families find their homes and that’s what matters.